Mission Statement: Heartland Communications Group, Inc. is committed to providing the most innovative, high quality, and cost-effective marketing solutions available, through a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals who are committed to the philosophy of continually exceeding our clients' expectations.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Heartland Communications Group, Inc. We are proud of our history and position our company has in Fort Dodge, Iowa for over 40 years. We sincerely hope the information provided on our website will help you learn about the great career opportunities at Heartland Communications and our vision for the future.

As you are probably experiencing, information - and the ability to manage it - is having an ever-increasing influence on business today. Most successful businesses now say their most important business tool is being better informed about the market, their customers, and the latest technology.

Heartland Communications Group, Inc. is in the information and marketing business, combining publishing, teleservices, fulfillment, and list marketing to collect, manage, and disseminate industry specific marketing data to clients worldwide. Heartland has been specializing in bringing buyers and sellers together of industry specific equipment, parts, supplies and services for over 46 years.

If this is the first you've heard of Heartland Communications Group, Inc. please take a few minutes to review our magazines and business services.


Joseph W. Peed, Chairman of the Board